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Are All Antidepressant Medications Addictive

I know that some very legal prescribed drugs are just as addictive as some illegal drugs. It seems self-defeating to me to take a medication that only creates a whole new problem ? addiction. But the good news is there are antidepressants that aren't addictive. These drugs are called SSRI antidepressant medications. When my doctor suggested trying a medication for my anxiety I would only agree to one that isn't addictive.

Of course, like any drug, there are side effects but they didn't last long in my case. Everyone is different and you can't go strictly off my experience, but the SSRI medication caused drowsiness and headaches for approximately 2 or 3 weeks. After that I never had any more problems. The doctor did say the SSRI drug can cause sexual dysfunction too, but I never had that side effect. Unless you're independently wealthy, you will also find the drug to be expensive unless you have medical insurance. Without my insurance, I would have to pay over $200 every month for this one prescription.

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