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How Hair Drug Tests Work

Hair drug tests are very easy to use and a very accurate form of drug testing method. Even so, that doesn't stop people from trying to cheat these tests and tamper with the samples in order to create a false negative or positive. A word to the wise: don't even try it! Hair drug tests can't be tampered with, end of story. However, for those still unsure, let's take a look at the facts.

How You Can (Supposedly) Cheat Hair Drug Tests You may see it online all the time. All you have to do is detoxify yourself and your test will come back negative. All of those pesky drugs will be flushed out of your system in a jiffy. But wait just a second.

Have you ever thought about just how untrue this statement is? Detoxifying may work for some other types of tests, but hair drug tests can't be cheated. Once your hair grows out, traces of drugs will be detectable no matter how much water you drink or whatever other detoxifying procedures you endure. So, how can you pass hair drug tests? Well, the answer is really quite simple. Don't do drugs! Yet people are still insistent on the notion that you can cheat hair drug tests with simple methods. For instance, some people believe that by using certain shampoos, you can eliminate the drug remnants from your hair and scalp and therefore pass the test with flying colors. But again, this is dead wrong.

Hair drug tests look down deep for results. Evidence of drug use cannot just be washed away. Rather, it must grow out of the scalp and if the user stops using, the drug test will no longer be able to read evidence of drug use after 90 days or so. Still, this is a significant window of time we're talking about here. No quick fix can help you pass drug tests. Hair follicle drug tests look at the root?pun intended?of the problem and no amount of detoxifying concoctions or special shampoos will strip the hair of these chemicals.

Once you partake in illegal drug activity you will have evidence on your body for a good 90 days. And don't go thinking shaving your head bald will do any good. Body hair works just as well and may even show results for longer considering the slower growth rate. So whatever you'd heard about shaving your head to avoid a hair drug test, you heard wrong.

Hair follicle drug tests provide accurate results within a few days time. One quick sample of hair is all you need for a 99.9% accurate result. So, if you want results that you can rely on and know that no one can cheat or slip by and pass, hair drug tests are the obvious way to go.

Article writes by Nepi Ilgaz, longer version of article at How Hair Drug Testing Kits Work and main source at Hair Confirm Drug Tests. Also information at Hair Drug Testing Kits has been used as a resource.

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