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Medical Stop Sweating Methods May Not Be As Effective As You Think

Sweating is a natural process in human beings and it has several physiologically useful functions for the body too. But when perspiration becomes excessive, thats when the problems begin. Excessive perspiration is socially unacceptable and the person who is a victim of this condition will find it very difficult to interact with people and will always harbor an inferior feeling about him- or herself.

It is quite understandable then why so many medical methods have been invented so that people can stop body odour. These methods do promise results, but not all of them promise long-term results and a common factor in all of them is that they are incredibly expensive methods. Moreover, these methods are not as cozy as you might think.

Let us check out what these methods are:

1. Botox injections are probably the most popular methods nowadays. Botox is Botulinum Toxin, a substance that can be used to stretch the skin and remove age marks too.

However, Botox injections tend to be painful for several days after they have been given. The area where the injection was applied may also become numb. But the sorest part is that you will need repeat injections after three to six months because the effects of the injections wear off quite soon.


There is a surgical method known as sympathectomy. The basic purpose of this method is to reduce the effect of the sympathetic nerves that are responsible for producing the sweatiness. But you must know what is actually done during this procedure. What will really happen is that the sympathetic nerves in the regions that sweat the most are destroyed. This stops the sweat from occurring. However, you can very well see that this is a very risky prevent stink of sweat technique because destroying any part of the body, for whatever reason, is the last thing one must do.

3. Lontophoresis is another method that is mainly used to prevent body odour from hands or feet. These parts of the body are put in water that is slightly electrocuted.

Naturally, this is going to be highly inconvenient after some time. Moreover, this is a continuous form of treatment. You will need to get this treatment several times a week initially and then its frequency will dwindle down. Theres nothing such as complete recovery with this method; it can go on for life, though the frequency will become much less after the initial few months. Due to the repeat treatments, it is also a very expensive procedure.


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