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Having been completely depressed for over six months,John didn't want to work in the morning. He and his wife couldn't recover their sex life. This problem took place when he had lost his job with an advertising firm,they were undergoing financial problems and he was the first of many to go. He had created the best financial strategies for his company with great imagination and flair but this unexpected loss had destroyed his confidence and after a month of searching for a new job,he had surrender to depression and low self-confidence. His spouse on the other hand had climbed positions in the company she worked for and was earning more money he earned in his previous job.

He did not need to find a job immediately she had told him to wait for the ideal thing to appear but he felt hopeless and unnecessary. As a result he had lost his previous attraction and was mouldering away at home,eating donuts and feeling lousy. The final straw had been his failure to maintain an erection. As far as he was anxious,he was at rock bottom; weakened and miserable. His mate didn't love or esteem him and he couldn't be bothered to try and work it out.

that was his evaluation of the issue in fact she was very anxious and concerned about his medical condition,but whatever she tried to aid him seemed to turn out wrong,he would feel humiliated if she tried to give confidence him to make love to her and if she mention work,well,he made her life hell. What could she do to rediscover the man she had lived with since so many years ago and still loved very much,however complicated he made it? She started solving his self-assurance problem. She knew that if he could get a erection,he would gradually be able to renew his work abilities and get back on his feet so she looked into the Internet and found out about generic Viagra,this led to another site about generic Cialis and she knew they could have an opportunity. But if she told him about the terrific qualities of generic Viagra and how it could support him to hold an erection long enough for sexy moments then he would feel that he hadn't supported himself.

She left a magazine on the coffee table that had a tiny article in it explaining in how fantastic generic Viagra was in assisting users with low self esteem to regain their manhood. She had no idea if he had got the information,read it. Then she made sure that he saw a documentary then she rang the home phone from her mobile and left the room to take the call. She heard the TV go back on and laughed to herself. Some days passed and she was thinking in trying to make him discover the great medicine when she noticed that he was dressing better and seemed to be looking for work again.

"I wonder?" she thought. But she didn't have tospeculate for long. That night she arrived back from work to find aromatic candles in the dining-room and candles lit in the living room.

"I got your message" he laughed. "Not very delicate,but I knew you were doing it for me and it made me realise how much you want me and what a fool I was being. Not only that I realised how much I need you? so I got for us a present." He showered her the blue lozenge and said,"now,we just have time to eat this meal and then??".

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