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Tea Tree Oil Information and Acne Cure

Modern acne medication has been rising through a crescendo since the introduction of natural herbal remedies in combating acne. Tea tree oil is one unique name in the realm of natural acne remedy which not only gained overwhelming response, but also proved to be no less effectual than other medications in healing acne successfully. And now-a-days it is one of the well-accepted antifungal and antibacterial medications that work well for inflamed acne lesions.

This is an essential oil derived from the leaves of the tree called Australian Melaleuca Alternafolia. Apart from its strong antibacterial and antifungal traits, this natural substance is also widely recognized for its beneficiary roles in treating bad breath, cold sores, body odor etc. Terpinen-4-ol is the main constituent of this oil which is believed to be the playing the role of the chief antimicrobial ingredient. Also it is a renowned fact that an acne lesion is inflamed by the presence of skin-dwelling bacteria called Propionibacterium acnes.

Therefore it is quite easy to comprehend the fact that tea tree oil, being a strong antimicrobial agent, would definitely leave a lethal impact on this bacterial buildup either. In this regard it is essential to mention that due to its powerful antibacterial potential, this natural agent is often preferred by many people as the best and safest substitute of benzoyl peroxide on the ground that it is devoid of the side effects generated by thelater. Even a comparative study reveals the same fact that so far as side effects like itching, burning, and other complications are concerned, benzoyl peroxide has shown a much higher percentage as compared with this essential oil. Since an undiluted form of this natural agent is hazardous, there comes an inevitable question as to what other forms of this herbal oil should be used in order to achieve the best impact.

If you are a frequent visitor of your local medical store, you perhaps have noticed that it contains a superfluous stock of different skin care and acne care products with this substance as a chief ingredient. And if you are allergic to other ingredients mixed in those commercial products, or rather fascinated by homemade regimens, then there are plenty of them too. For instance, you could make your own undiluted solution by using 5% of tea tree oil and 95% of water mixed properly. If you have got a sensitive skin then a combination of this essential oil and aloe vera would respond well. Besides, a few evidences show that some people tend to develop sensitivity to this natural ingredient and therefore it is always suggestible to try a little amount first on the skin surface to test its impact on your skin.

Even though it was introduced as a heavenly gift in acne medication, this product is not completely free from side effects. According to one study, this natural ingredient is capable of disrupting the hormonal balance. Reports of inexplicable breast enlargement among men have been observed in some instances. People with hormone sensitive cancer and pregnant women are advised to stay away from it due to the same hormonal threat. If there is any instance of accidental or deliberate oral consumption of tea tree oil, then it might lead to many serious damages ranging from diarrhea, damage to the immune system or even to the central nervous system. Therefore using it in homemade mouthwash or other products is risky.

Although it is used in many commercial tooth pastes and mouthwashes with an assumption that they are not meant for oral consumption, it is better to avoid such products in order to be safe.

Juliet Cohen writes articles for Acne Treatment. She also writes articles for Blackheads and Acne Home Remedies.

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