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Should you be a bodybuilding novice or a teenager then you MUST read this article which will help you make a decision this will no doubtedly change the rest of your life. One of my opening questions would be, Are you too young? Check out some of the e-mails I have received from CHILDREN regarding Cycles. "Is 16 too young to start my first AS cycle? My buddy has recommended that I start out with sus, nandrolone and dianabol.

He also says anadrol would be good too although they are quite expensive. What kind of cycle would you recommend and how should I take it?" "I have made up my mind to start on steroids. I know I am young at 17 but feel that I have reached my genetic potential. I just want to add some muscle size and lose some bodyfat but not get too massive.

" I would really like to begin a cycle using Naposim. How would you structure it and could you recommend anything else to complement it. I would rather avoid injectables as that really does scare me and I dont think my parents would approve either, so just an oral cycle please. I would also like to know if my school friends will notice, for example through aggresive behaviour or cronic acne.

These are just a few examples. Sadly the people who wrote these and the like have usually already made their minds up to take steroids. They only ask opinions in hope that someone else will agree to this madness and only listen to other like minded youngsters who agree with them. I have spent hours trying to help these people but more often than not my advice is ignored. If you are young or even just new to the bodybuilding scene then I urge you to read this before making a decision that can and will change the rest of your life forever.

Hopefully if someone out there in this position reads this, then they will at least be able to make a much more informed decision. If so then my job is done. Nowadays it is almost common knowledge that the majority of serious bodybuilders as well as athletes use both steroids and performance enhancing drugs inorder to become the world's best. These drugs are effective but only if administered correctly, otherwise serious side effects will become apparent and especially at a young age. It was in the 80s when the press began to expose drug use and since the arrival of the internet information is more widely available. Of course only some of this information is relevant and the rest is misleading.

Unfortunately teenagers come across this information and are often too eager to begin achieving their objectives. I have heard of kids as young as 13 taking gear and have seen kids as young as 15 giving out cycle advice on line. When I was 15, the only cycle I was interested in was my BMX. "When you are a teenager, boys will have a naturally high testosterone level anyway, which is why we see growth spurts at that age in males." "Taking exogenous anabolic steroids and other hormones too young can play absolute havoc in the body during this delicate time of development.

" (Dont miss part 2).

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